Commercial Portfolio

Bear Creek Meadows Project

A residential apartment community located in Petoskey, MI. This project included selection of appliances for all apartments; interior finishes including paint, carpet, doors, hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc. Along with these selections, we also chose furniture and accessories for each of the model apartment units. The goal was to make the apartments look and feel like home in order to entice prospective renters to lease at this new apartment community.

Two Bedroom

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Three Bedroom

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Meeks Office Project

A commercial project that included requirements working within the already existing space, using existing wall coverings (with the ability to paint the walls) and existing lighting. Because this was an office space for a new attorney, the budget was limited and the concept was to find existing objects that could be repurposed and used in the space. All of the office furniture was acquired from an office reseller for a modest fee and the pieces were either cleaned or repainted and the upholstery replaced with more modern selections. In order to disguise the flooring and windows, we added an area rug as well as curtains to give the illusion of larger windows.

meeksbefore1 thumb meeksbefore2 thumb  
meeksafter1 thumb meeksafter2 thumb meeksafter3 thumb