At Four Blank & Ten Design Group, we believe that desirable interiors are no longer the picture perfect static beige spaces of the 80's and 90's. These spaces don't reflect who we are. Our Firm specializes in a wide range of styles from contemporary to traditional. We love travel artifacts and collections sitting alongside our grandmother's pieces. Interiors are shifting away from stark presentation, to warmer and more livable spaces. This new school of thought makes that piece of pottery shipped back from a trip to Mexico very at home atop your great aunt's century old buffet. This juxtaposition isn't strange but a reflection of us in our spaces.

Couple looking at paint swatches.

We believe that the practice of designing interiors that are trendy and disposable is giving way to a movement towards quality and longevity. We often live away from our families so we look to show our history & roots in our spaces. We want spaces to center us, rather than display us. The "Me" generation has our clients excited about exploring different eras, colors, textures, styles, and lines. We want our surroundings to speak to us and who we are, and we CAN have it all. Our design firm cannot wait to work each day to share in the experience.

Four Blank & Ten Design Group will meet any and all of your design needs. If you are building a new home, remodeling an existing home or rooms, we will work with you to create the space you envision. We also provide management of large and complex projects, and project team referrals. Our goal is to give you exactly what you want and create your dream spaces. We collaborate with you to bring your visions to life by listening to you and defining your needs. You can be involved as little or as much as you'd like. Our services are available to you as you choose. We accomplish your goals by utilizing our years of experience creating and working with the finest products and vendors. We can introduce you to ideas that you've never considered or thought workable in your space. We will do everything necessary to make your design experience a positive and memorable one, while minimizing those surprises everyone dreads. As our clients have said, your home will be your sanctuary and a joy to live in.

We are now a Crystorama lighting dealer, also selling Graham & Brown wallpaper, as well as Flor carpet design squares. Our new location inside Leopold Bloom & Co. affords us resources for antiques and home decor on site. If we don’t have the perfect item for your project, we will be sure to find it!