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Sparrow Project

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This is a personal undertaking that involved a whole-house remodel and restoration of a home that was badly flipped in 2004. A lot of bad decisions were made with this house, including the removal of the original hardwood at the front door in order to install ceramic tile, the move to paint the woodwork and walls the same flat white paint and adding a knock-down texture to all the ceilings in the house. All the carpet in the house was removed, as well as the tile in front of the door and new flooring was milled to match the special sizing of the original and woven in to match the “picture frame” look of the original floors. The floors were then sanded and refinished. An all new paint scheme was chosen to modernize the home while still honoring its 1920’s heritage. Custom cabinets were added to the kitchen to match the existing 1940’s update to add more storage as well as camouflage modern appliances and electronics. Landscaping was removed and replaced with an updated design in order to highlight the house instead of hiding it and a patio space was also added. This is an on-going project that is nearing completion.